How do I configure Office 365 to work with ZixGateway?

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Configuring Office 365 for ZixGateway

How To Setup a New Outbound Send Connector in Office 365

  • Log into your Office 365 Management Portal
  • Click the Admin dropdown, then click Exchange to open Exchange admin center.
  • Then, on the left of the screen, click "mail flow"

Next, click on "connectors" near the top of the page.

  • Click on the plus sign under "Outbound Connectors" to open the
  • "new outbound connector" dialog.

  • Type a name for your New Outbound Send Connector
  • Connector Type = Partner
  • Connection Security = Opportunistic TLS
  • Outbound Delivery = Route mail through Smart Hosts
  • Click on "+" sign to add a Smart Host
  • Type
  • Choose Save
  • You should now see the Smart Host you added in the SmartHost box
  • Under Domains Click on the "+" sign
  • Type a wildcard in the domain box " * "
  • Click on OK

Your main New Outbound Connector menu should look as follows after following instructions above:

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